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Statement Swivel Chairs

How do you really make a statement within your office?

Well, we could sit here all day and tell you about furniture you can install, types of furniture that work best or office layoutsthat have been proven.

However, today we’re going to talk about the possibilities available when using high-end chairs to create customised, bespoke items that compliment your colour scheme.

These statement pieces make an impression as soon as their elegant structures meet the eye. That’s the thing about these chairs; they aren’t your regular reception chairsor breakout furniture, meeting chairseven. They hold a certain prowess that no matter who you are, you have to admit – they’re stunning.

What are these chairs?

Lets start with the B & B Italia Otto Chair

Covered in a light black fabric the chair seat sits on a 4 star, return swivel base.

Antonio Citterio designed the Otto chair in 2006 with Nguyen Toan in Italy. Given their sleek design make these black fabric chairs ideal for adding a certain amount of ‘je ne sais quoi’ to any environment. Picture it, the B & B Italia in receptions or waiting areas, canteens, breakout areas or even in your home!

As you can see from the pictures, this is an original B & B Italia product and is not to be mistaken for copies.


Next up we have the Kruze chair by BOSS Design

Favoured by Channel 4 News, Sky Sports, Match of the Day, This Morning (ITV) and lets not forget Barkham Office Furniture. The Kruze chair is an absolute delight, simplistic but sophisticated. It’s not surprising that the Kruze chair makes so many television appearances, even we found it photogenic in the showroom!

The Kruze chair by BOSS Design and designed by David Fox has been described as possessing presence and panache.

Its gentle sculpted contours and generous proportions promise outstanding sitting comfort. The contemporary seat is supported by a 4 star base made up of polished recycled cast aluminium by Boss Design.

Such versatility means the Boss Kruze chair looks and works great within many environments such as receptions, waiting areas, breakout areas, meeting rooms and as visitors chairs.


Where next then?

The Hitch Mylius HM86adesigned by Simon Pengelly who has developed many products with a lot of big names in the European furniture market.

Very similar to the Kruze chair above we’re sure you’ll agree, but the almost ‘bucket’ like seat seems to posses some what of a lower stance, a sturdier more rigid looking chair.

Whilst it looks great in the Green Fabric you see before you today, the HM86a can be recovered in a colour of your choice, as can any of the chairs we’ve been discussing!


and last up-

The loop chair

The bigger, impetuous cousin of the other three chairs. The base shares an uncanny likeness with the Hitch Mylius HM86a, the sides of the chair are much like both the Kruze and HM86a but they’re lower, much wider. The backrest is considerably taller and above all, the comfort is stupendous!

A real bold statement piece and we’re not just talking about in the office; imagine this chair at home!


So then, ‘Statement swivel chairs’, a great way to impress, excite and add colour co-ordinated, stunning comfort to your life.

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